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- Consulting Engineering

- Corrective maintenance plans

- Electronics systems reparing

- Electronic devices importation

- Failure and cause research

- International services

- Machinery autoimmunization

- Industrial and Biomedical Electronics

- Preventive maintenance plans

- Printed circuit boards designing

- Productivity improvement

- Also general electronics

- Costa Rican labor insures updated

Repairing, improves productivity, saves money, saves country´s Dollars losing and reduces environmental pollution.

A broken electronic device, valued at $200.00, is equal to losing for: $0.55 per day in your pocket , $0.00005 cents per Costa Rican, and importation costs plus expenses for $200 to the country. If you replaced it and do not repair it, these new cost will increase losses. Repairing costs have an average of 20% of the cost of your device!

 Available Sunday to Thursday 24 hours. Fridays until noon time. International contracts are welcome.

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